Staff List

Teaching Staff

Verity Stobart, Head Teacher

Mandy Summers, Assistant Head Teacher

Louise Deane, Nursery Manager and Foundation Stage 1

Luke Smith, Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation Stage 2 Teacher

Gemma Sear Year 1 and Year 2 Teacher

Helen Hughes Year 3 and Year 4 Teacher

Jonathan Deane, Year 5 and Year 6 Teacher

Jen Allen – Supply Teacher


Support Staff

Classes are supported by a Learning Support Assistant. We also have an office team and a lunch time supervisory team.

Jan Ryan – LSA – Nursery

Sharon Hart – LSA FS

Clare Scott – LSA FS

Kate Harris – LSA Y1-2

Bernie Pummell – LSA Y3-4

Genaya Bale – LSA Y3-4

Laura Dunn – LSA Y5-6

Esther Sancho – Support LSA

Elena Clark – Support LSA

Dave Crofts – School Business Manager

Vacant- Caretaker