Educational Visits

A key element of the Mount Pleasant Curriculum is experience at first hand. We take children on a significant number of visits through the academic year.

In an external review of Mount Pleasant School it was commented:

“The curriculum for all pupils, including those with special educational needs is enhanced by the imaginative use of local resources and visits. While I was visiting MPS there was a visit to a Royal Navy Patrol vessel where the students toured the ship with school staff, guided by naval ratings. This very real experience was enhanced by pupils getting the chance to sit in the Captain’s seat used to command the ship and visit and touch key parts of the ship. The Head Teacher has arranged for a helicopter tour of various parts of the island to observe both physical and human geography features. I also noticed an excellent wall display of pupils meeting with Falklands’ war veterans and taking part in re-enacting iconic visual images of the war. This kind of experiential learning is invaluable for all pupils but particularly for those with special educational needs whose learning is enhanced by these concrete learning opportunities.”

Where do we visit?

  • MPC – all units.
  • Harbour and HMS when in port.
  • Stanley
  • Goose Green
  • Fitzroy

Do I have to pay?

Visits are free of charge, very rarely when an admission fee is charged we will ask parents for a contribution.