School Governance Committee

School Governance Committee

School Governance Committee (SGC) members are interested members of the community, including parents of children at the school.

The current membership reflects a wide range of expertise and interest, and includes representation from parents; teaching and non-teaching staff and British Forces South Atlantic Islands.

We work with the Head Teacher and school staff to assist in making key decisions vital to the successful running of the school, contribute to decisions directly affecting the education and wellbeing of pupils, assist in improving standards throughout the school and monitor the school budget.

The SGC meets once a term as a whole committee to review and discuss school business, and represent the views of parents.

Main Roles:

Provide a strategic overview

Act as a Critical Friend

Ensure Accountability

We do not act as the first line for complaints about any aspect of the school and its day to day work. The school should be contacted directly either via the class teacher or Head Teacher.

Please note that SGCs in MOD schools vary in their activities compared to Governing bodies in the UK, where the Governors have greater executive responsibility in the management of schools including employment of staff.

These are examples of how the School Governance Committee (SGC) has made positive impact on the education of pupils, on parents and staff.

Mount Pleasant Primary School_SGC impact

Spring 2019 Mount Pleasant Primary School_SGC impact

Contact the SGC

If you would like to contact the SGC please email [email protected]

Current SGC Members

Chair – CO BSW, Wg Cdr Picton

Vice Chair – Sqn Ldr Munro

Head Teacher – Mrs V Stobart

Falkland Islands – Mrs K Steen

Staff (Teacher) – Mrs M Hill

Staff (LSA/Support) – Mrs C Mathew

Community/Safeguarding – Mrs K Stevens

Community – Capt. Rhodes

Parent – Sqn Ldr Dowds

Parent – WO1 Studdart

Standing Member – BFSAI Padre


SGC 1 Minutes 09-11-2015

SGC 2 Minutes 07-03-2016.

SGC 3 Minutes 04-07-2016

SGC 4 Minutes 22112016

SGC 5 Minutes 29032017

SGC 6 Minutes 10072017

SGC 7 Minutes 17112017

SGC 8 Minutes 17012018

SGC 9 Minutes 26042018

SGC 10 Minutes 091018

SGC 11 Minutes_ Feb 2019

SGC Minutes 03/06/20

SGC Minutes 08/07/2020

SGC Minutes 22/10/20


SGC-Minutes 22/06/21

SGC Minutes 21/10/21

SGC Minutes 09/03/22

SGC Minutes 06/07/22

SGC Minutes 05/12/22