School Policies

School Policy is constantly reviewed by the Head Teacher and the SGC.   Please contact the school office for more information and to check for any updates.  Click on the Policies tab for more details.

JSP 342, DCYP Policy and Policy Directives

JSP342_Part1 JSP342_Part2_Vol1 JSP342_Part2_Vol2 JSP342_Part2_Vol3 JSP342_Part2_Vol4

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20160601_DCYP_Pol_Dir-3 2 1_MOD_School_Setting_Safeguarding v3







DCYP School visits Policy

20171001-DCYP_Pol_Dir-3 2 11_Outdoor_Learning and_School_Visits



MOD_Whistleblowing and Raising a Concern Policy

School Policy

Mount Pleasant Accessibility Plan 1

Mount Pleasant Accessibility Plan 2

Mount Pleasant Admissions Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Mount Pleasant Assessment, marking & feedback Policy

Mount Pleasant Business Continuity Plan

Mount Pleasant Early Years Behaviour Policy

Mount Pleasant English Policy

Mount Pleasant Equal Opportunities Policy

Mount Pleasant Expectations Policy

Mount Pleasant Homework Policy

Mount Pleasant Likelihood that needs can be met

Mount Pleasant Medical Conditions Policy

Mount Pleasant Nappy Changing EYU only Policy

Mount Pleasant School PHSE Policy

Mount Pleasant Primary School Term time Pupil Leave Policy

Mount Pleasant Safe Sleep Policy

Mount Pleasant School Attendance Policy

Child Protection Safeguarding Policy

Mount Pleasant School Science Policy

Mount Pleasant SEN Policy

Mount Pleasant SEND Offer

Mount Pleasant _STA-Swimming-Teaching-Code-of-Practice-v16.1

Mount Pleasant Teaching British Values Policy

Mount Pleasant Uniform Policy 2018

Behaviour Policy


E-Safety Policy

MPS Health and Safety Policy