Admission Procedure

We are unable to issue Educational Clearance Certificates during school holiday periods.

If you are moving to Mount Pleasant please make sure you contact us directly.

All children require a certificate of educational clearance in order to be admitted.  Please use this link for the latest guidance regarding education overseas for service children:

Please ensure you apply for your child’s place in Mount Pleasant Primary School in sufficient time as a Certificate of Educational Clearance cannot be issued during school holidays.

Step 1: Initial contact by parents

Please email school at [email protected] stating your intended arrival dates and your child’s details (e.g. age, sex, current school, year group and so on) or any other queries you may have. We also need to know the status of the Head of Household.

Step 2: Response from Mount Pleasant Primary School

School will respond to your queries and email your child’s current school the MoD Education Overseas Supportability form. It is vital that you inform the current school that they must complete and return this to Mount Pleasant Primary School as soon as possible.

Step 3: Initiation of educational clearance process

School will initiate the educational clearance process as soon as the completed EOS from is received. This may lead to Step 4 or to the instigation of a MOD Assessment of Supportability Overseas (MASO).

Step 4: Certificate of educational clearance issued and admissions process initiated

As soon as you receive a Certificate of Educational Clearance from us, please submit this certificate to the Families Section at MOD Abbey Wood which is necessary to confirm your posting and flight to Mount Pleasant.

Please also look at our school web site which contains comprehensive information about joining Mount Pleasant Primary School. Admission regulations for MoD Schools are outlined in JSP 342.

For guidance on placement out of chronological year group see:

Placement Out Of Chronological Year Group

What else might I need to know?

Mount Pleasant to 8500 miles from the UK.

Falkland Islands are a UK Overseas Territory, this means that laws and customs are local and are often not a replication of what you will find in the UK.

Falkland Islands Government and local laws take precedent in matters of child protection and social work.

Flights are limited to two MOD arrivals (Monday and Thursday) and two departures (Tuesday and Friday) this flight takes approximately 19 hours with a stopover of two hours.  There is one LATAM flight to Santiago arriving and departing on Saturday, connections to the UK are possible and the overall travelling time would be between 2 and 3 days.  All flights are weather dependent and are subject to delay and cancellation.

Mount Pleasant is approximately 37 miles from Stanley and a large part of the road is a gravel based track.  There is a road to Goose Green and Newhaven which is a gravel track.  All other roads, other than those in Stanley are gravel based track.

School support services, where available, are delivered from UK, Germany and Cyprus.  The school currently has no access to a MOD Educational Psychologist (there are two two MOD Educational Psychologists currently being onboarded).

There is no local, external to school, provision for Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or any other need.  Please refer to BFSAI DIN regarding health provision.

Obtaining resources is a lengthy process.  Larger resources (above 2kg) are delivered to school by ship and can take up to 6 months to arrive.

Pupils in MOD Schools are not entitled to the Service Pupil Premium or any other additional payment given to schools in England.

We provide fruit and milk to pupils in replication to those in England, however, these are reliant on MOD supply lines and there are times when there is no fruit available to us.

We provide hot meals to pupils in replication to those in England, however, we are reliant on MOD supply lines and there are times when the menu advertised may not be the menu delivered to school.

MOD schools are part of the MOD Defence Children Services and are not Department for Education schools.