Social Media Expectations

Although social networking sites may appear to be the quickest and easiest ways to express

frustrations or concerns), it is rarely appropriate to do so. Other channels, such as private and confidential discussion are most appropriate.   It is very much hoped that Mount Pleasant School will never have to resort to the measured outlined in this statement.

The school considers the following examples to be inappropriate uses of social networking sites.

  • Making allegations about pupils at the School/cyber bullying;
  • Making complaints about the School/staff at the School;
  • Posting negative/offensive comments about specific pupils/staff at the School;
  • Posting racist comments;
  • Posting comments which threaten violence.
  • Direct contact of staff on school related matters

School will always try to deal with concerns raised by parents in a professional and appropriate manner and understands that parents may not always realise when they have used social networking sites inappropriately. Therefore, as a first step, the School will usually discuss the matter with the parent to try and resolve the matter and to ask that the relevant information be removed from the social networking site in question. If the parent refuses to do this and continues to use social networking sites in a manner the School considers inappropriate, the School will consider taking the following action:

  • Take legal advice and/or legal action where the information posted is defamatory in any way or if the circumstance warrant this;
  • Set out the School’s concerns to you in writing, giving you a warning and requesting that the material in question is removed;
  • Contact the Police where the school feels it appropriate – for example, if it considers a crime (such as harassment) has been committed; or in cases where the posting has a racial element, is considered to be grossly obscene or is threatening violence;
  • Take other action against the individual or pass a complaint to the Defence Chain of Command.

These guidelines match those in the published guide for Defence, ‘Think before you share’.