Secondary School Options


Arrangements vary in a flexible way in order to cater for children transferring to a range of different settings.  During Year 6 we encourage parents and children to visit schools – this helps inform your decision and gives children a greater understanding about this next phase in their lives.

Upon request we will provide evidence/reports to support an admission application and will invigilate entrance exams/11 plus tests where appropriate.

UK Boarding School – Military and Civil Servants

Parents may wish to consider boarding school for their child to ensure continuity of education. A Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) is available which can cover up to 90% of fees. Parents will need to apply for an eligibility certificate for CEA, and this needs to be resubmitted with every posting. For more information go to the CEAS website.

School websites offer a wide range of information, however, visits are invaluable.


You should seek advice on schooling options and payments directly from your employer.

FICS – Secondary School for Ages 11-16. 

There is a secondary school in Stanley, The Falkland Islands Community School (FICS), which provides education for up to 16 year olds studying GCSEs. The contact emails are  or  .  Teachers at the school are largely expats working on 2 year contracts which can, at times, see transitional staffing arrangements for pupils if they attend the school for any length of time. 

Due to the distance from Mount Pleasant to Stanley daily transport is impractical and pupils attending the school would need to weekly board; a boarding house called Stanley House Hostel is provided for all children from outside Stanley.

Stanley House Hostel is a local provision run in accordance with Falkland Island Children Ordinance (2014) which does not currently confer to the same regulatory standards as in the UK.  Further details are available from the current acting Director of Education, Stanley, Falkland Islands on or from the Senior House Parent at Stanley House on .  More information for the school the secondary school can be obtained via the school website at  

Children’s Education Advisory Service

CEAS provides a dedicated service exclusively for service and MOD families providing professional advice about all aspects of children’s education, both in the UK and overseas.

They can: recommend schools, liaise with LAs, support families in the appeals process (if your application is turned down),

support transition for children with SEN and provide the application form for the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA).


Please involve your child in the transition process as much as possible – the more information they have, the smoother the transition.

Keep us informed too!

Your experience and feedback is requested as it may be helpful to others making the move after you.