School Improvement Planning

PRORITY 1 – Environment for Nursery, Foundation Stage 1 and 2 and Key Stage 1
Why this was identified as a priority:

While children attain highly in school, as a result of monitoring and in order to provide an enhanced curriculum it was identified that children in all three classrooms would further benefit from resource enhancements and provocation opportunities, both indoors and outdoors.

School Improvement Plan the story so far….EYU and FS

Provocation cards in all areas Individual next steps planned for each child
Opportunity to practice skills independently both inside and outside Characteristics of effect learning used to observe and plan for children
Next steps inform planning to ensure teaching is relevant and current. All children making rapid and sustained progress.
Learning that is culturally relevant to all children All TA’s currently undertaking NVQ for professional development
Observation and assessment cycle embedded through 2simple All children displaying high levels of wellbeing and involvement
Smooth transition from indoor learning to outdoors Educational trips which interest children
Positive parent feedback

All opportunities for social play encouraged

PRIORITY 2-Mathematics – Increase pupil’s multiplication skills and increase opportunities for pupils to use their maths skills in rich open ended mathematical tasks.
Why this was identified as a priority:

As a result of monitoring, evaluation and feedback from all staff, it was identified that a clear gap in learning of pupils entering school was in multiplication knowledge. Teachers were using various methods to gap this knowledge and it was decided to have an agreed and shared school resource to both help children in gaining the required knowledge and take into full consideration the work load of staff.

Pupils score very highly on all external end of year assessment, internal progress and attainment information is similar. To prepare pupils for life and to provide an enriched maths curriculum in line with the school mission statement, children will have access to additional open ended tasks.

School Improvement Plan the story so far….Maths
Tackling Tables – undertaken on a daily basis with children moving through the increasingly challenging levels. Champion’s Challenge – regular opportunities in weekly units to demonstrate deeper mathematical thinking by applying maths knowledge to open-ended problems.
Children can independently access the online materials. Opportunities to demonstrate mastery within the planned curriculum.
100% of children (from Y2-Y6) have made significant progress since this initiative started in September. New resources have been made available for all year groups to further enhance the maths curriculum.
PRIORITY 3 – Increase pupil’s adoption of healthy lifestyles whilst in Mount Pleasant School.
Why this was identified as a priority:

Pupil voice identified that pupils would like more activities outdoors, as a result we have enabled this request as a ‘Forest’ area is now available to school and Forest School training will be provided to staff. Pupils mostly come to school by car, pupils want more opportunities to walk, scooter or cycle to school which we will encourage with rewards.  PE will be further developed in preparation for when Mount Pleasant School moves to a new site, a new two year PE curriculum will be introduced and developed from this academic year.

School Improvement Plan the story so far….Healthy Lifestyles
Forest School Friday Daily outdoor time in EYFS
Walk to School Initiative Poly tunnel
Ramble Club Took part in the Falkland Island Games
Rugby Club Canoeing Lessons in KS2
Playground Activities New PE Scheme
Swimming Lessons Dentist providing 6 monthly fluoride wash to all eligible pupils
Dentist visit to school Feedback at School Council