Since the new national curriculum has been introduced, we have reviewed our long term planning. We wanted an integrated whole school theme approach that enables our pupils to engage with our local environment, both on and off the complex; and take advantage of the unique opportunities this location provides. With this in mind, science became the focal point of our new curriculum and the other subject areas have been selected to enhance or broaden that theme.

Foundation topics have been incorporated to show the development of scientific understanding through time. For example, in our topic ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves,’ looking at human development and evolution, we will be studying ‘The Ancient Egyptians’ and their understanding of medicine and the anatomy of the body.

In Key Stage One we use the Big Cat reading scheme and Phonics Play.

In EYFS the curriculum reflects the seven areas of learning within the whole school theme; with appropriate focus on the prime areas of ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development,’ ‘Communication and Language’ and ‘Physical Development’ in our Early Years Unit (two and three year olds).


Underpinning our Mount Pleasant Curriculum is the EYFS Curriculum and the National Curriculum 2015.