Daily uniform (FS1-Y6)

School jumper —uniform shop Required

White polo shirt — Required, can be purchased from either uniform shop or self purchase

School Fleece —uniform shop Optional

Grey trousers/ skirt – self purchase Required

Sturdy school shoes—self purchase Required

PE Kit (FS2-Y6)

Burgundy T-shirt—uniform shop or self source Required

Burgundy (School) Hoody (PE use only)- uniform shop or self source Optional

Blue or Black Jogging bottoms – self source Required

Blue or Black Shorts—uniform shop or self purchase Optional

Trainers or plimsolls- self source Required

Swimming Kit (FS2-Y6)

One piece swimsuit- girls- self source Required

Swimming trunks (not baggy swim shorts)- boys- self source Required

Swim cap for children with long hair- self source Required

Towel- self source Required

Goggles- self source Optional but permitted in swimming lessons

Other items

School book bag- uniform shop Required (FS1-Y2)

School PE bag- uniform shop or self source

School Baseball cap—uniform shop Optional

School Hi Viz—uniform shop Optional

Uniform Shop—we do not sell uniform in school

Please visit www.initiallyyours.co.uk